Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Metaphysicality parts 3-5;

Metaphysical Counseling, Mediumship and ESP

On my website http://www.hyp4life.com/, I have a page titled
“Metaphysical Counseling and Mediumship”

I have broken that page into 3 separate postings in the Metaphysicality Series.

I felt that the subjects on that page needed more explaination, so I will expand upon three subjects;
-Metaphysical Counseling,
-Mediumship and
-ESP/psychic abilities.

The third posting in the Metaphysicality series titled
Metaphysicality- Part 3; Metaphysical Counseling,
will be posted on Sunday January 4, 2009.

The fourth posting in the Metaphysicality series titled
Metaphysicality- Part 4; Mediumship
will be posted on Sunday January 11, 2009.

The fifth posting in the Metaphysicality series titled
Metaphysicality- Part 5; ESP and Psychic Abilities
be posted on Sunday January 18, 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Metaphysicality - Part 2;

“We Are All Psychic”
This is the 2nd posting for the Metaphysicality article. In this posting I discuss that we are all psychic. How we can lose our ability and how I lost my abilities at five. How we all actually have six senses, not just five and how we are all six sense human beings. How I began to regain my psychic abilities.

Metaphysicality Part 2 – “We Are All Psychic”

“We are all psychic!”
How often have you heard that? Often, right?
Usually it is from someone who is (or claims to be) psychic. Well it’s true. It is as natural as the ability to sense with our five senses. However, many people who are cynical about Extra Sensory Perception feel that if there is no sensory organ involved, like an eye or ear, then what we perceive cannot be “real”, they would attribute psychic perceptions to imagination or fraud and trickery.
My argument would be that our (human) eyes can only distinguish a very narrow band of the light spectrum. We cannot see in the infra-red, for example but that doesn’t mean those colors (vibrations) are not there; it is simply that the human eye can’t see it. A dog’s sense of smell and hearing are much more sensitive than a human’s, but we don’t deny that they can sense better than we do or deny their ability.

So, let’s assume that some of us have a more developed Extra Sensory ability commonly known as ESP. We assume that these individuals are in some way more advanced, enlightened or “special” than we are. They are viewed in different ways, from being “gifted” to being viewed as different or weird. I have to tell you that we are all human with all the same sensing abilities.

You may say that there are ONLY 5 senses because there are only five sensory organs; the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. However, I am a firm believer that we have been unaware of a very important sensory organ. We all have one, but we do not recognize it as a sensory organ. It is located in the middle of our forehead and it is attached to the most amazing and complicated organ on the planet; the human brain. It is even referred to by many as an organ and it is called our “Third Eye”. Through this organ we can perceive more than the five senses we are comfortable with. In the 3rd Metaphysicality posting I will go further into what makes us all psychic.

Children are born with their third eye, wide open. They go through their early lives (birth through about three) with the ability to sense spirit easily and naturally. It is usually the society (and family in particular) the makes the children feel as if it is not normal to communicate with spirit.

As I said in my first posting, I lost my psychic abilities at the age of 5. When I was seeing an old man in my bedroom every night and I can tell you I did not want to be psychic. I would sleep with the pillow over my head, praying that the spirit of the old man would not be there when I awoke.
Then over a period of weeks, he wasn’t there any longer. You may have heard that young children are unaware of the difference between the living and the spirits of those who pass. This is true. I did not want to see spirits any longer and my desire to no longer see them along with the spirits’ acceptance of my desire stopped the visions from happening. The process is called “veiling over” and every one of us who are no longer able to communicate with spirit, have veiled over.

I was very happy from the age of 5 until my early 50’s being a cynic. I laughed at anyone who even mentioned the existence of a soul. I was content in my Darwinian existence; that there was nothing after we die except blackness and our bodies simply turn back into the dust that they came from. Then there came a time when I became curious about ESP. I was watching John Edward on the TV and could not explain how he fooled his audience into thinking and actually believing that he was talking to their loved ones in spirit. But the more I investigated the more convinced I became that my cynicism was unnecessary ant misguided.
After working with Dr. Brian Weiss at a weeklong workshop on Past Life Regressions and meeting a few gifted mediums, I decided to see if I could get the abilities that I ignored and dismissed for so long, back. I soon learned that psychic abilities never truly leave. The ability to communicate with spirit, that I simply attributed to my imagination came back quickly (because I never lost them).

I have only accepted that I am psychic over the last 6 years. I began with basic psychic development classes and was amazed with the images and feelings I was receiving. I was able to “read” perfect strangers with an accuracy that actually shocked me.

In Metaphysicality Part 3- "Metaphysical Counseling and Mediumship", scheduled to be posted on 1/10/2009, I will describe how I feel, hear, see and communicate with the spirits of the people who come to our circle and how I sometimes hear them when I am not really trying to ( in classrooms, and restaurants, etc.) I have been to the many psychic development workshops offered at Metaphysical churches such as the ISD in Sparta ( http://www.isd-sparta.org/ ) and the Journey Within in Pompton Lakes ( http://www.thejourneywithin.org/ ) and will continue to develop this natural ability we all have.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Metaphysicality - Part 1

Part 1 of a continuing article

Please keep in mind that everything written in my blog is my opinion and not necessarily fact. This statement could be an interesting posting all by itself. I could argue that there is no such thing as a “fact”… The fact is that all facts are simply opinions held by the vast majority of a given population, waiting for a challenger to be an agent of change, arguing against a current paradigm and trying to make it “shift”. How about this fact… in the late 1400’s it was a “fact” that the world was flat, all it took was one man who challenged that given fact to turn the world “A-Round”. Think about it. But I digress…

This is the first part (Part 1) of an ongoing article covering a variety of metaphysical topics. The main thread will be about my psychic and medium experiences but I may digress (which clearly, I often do). I am titling the article “Metaphysicality” which, although is not a real word, is fairly appropriate and accurate. According to my dictionary it means things related to Metaphysics. Some areas of Metaphysical interest that I plan on posting will be covering,
- Psychics and Mediums (like John Edward);
- Synchronicities;
- ESP;
- The “Claire” senses;
- Experiences at our “Connecting with Loved Ones” Psychic Circle (you can find more information on the circle on my website http://www.hyp4life.com/);
- How we are all psychic;
- How to develop your latent abilities;
- How I began to develop my abilities;
along with many other topics that are right now in the planning phase.
If you have questions about anything on my blog (or website), please post a comment and I will reply or I will write an article on the subject if a short reply is inadequate.

“Metaphysicality" - Part 1-

If you read my recent 3 part article “A Smokers Story”, which is about hypnosis and smoking, you learned that I have been involved with hypnotherapy for over 25 years and it is a passion. I can say that because, I feel no one would raise an eyebrow about that statement.
So, I am passionate about hypnotherapy…
You could say, "That’s fine, it’s his business, hypnotizing people for a variety of reasons and he loves what he is doing… more power to him."

Then why do I have such a hard time admitting to people about my “other” passion?
In the past, it has been very difficult for me to tell people that I am a Psychic/Medium.

So here goes… I’m a Psychic/Medium!

Wow that wasn’t that hard. Heck, It’s something I am passionate about so why the apprehension about telling people?
Anyway, there it is, I admit to it and not only did a say it but I wrote in my blog for you to read.

I have heard a lot of less than supportive comments, when I did admit to being psychic and perhaps that’s why I am reticent to tell others. I still feel that there are some eyebrows going up out there right now in cyber space. I can almost hear you (because I’m psychic, you know :) ) and I have heard a lot of this before.

“Yeah right! Your psychic… So what am I thinking?”
“Psychic!?... How about Psycho!?"
"You’re not a psychic... you are crazy though. Don't you know, there is no such thing as psychic”
or one I really love...
“I know how those guys work” as you put your hand to your forehead, “I have someone here… an S name, like Sam or Sol… No S?
I mean an R name like Robert or Richard… No R?
OK how about a T name… Somebody with a T name must have died! What’s wrong with you?”

Yes, I have heard it all and more. No wonder I am hesitant to tell people I am a Medium.
Let’s make a golf analogy about psychic/mediums…
John Edward is to Mediumship as Tiger Woods is to golf, both are at the top of their game; Sylvia Browne is Arnold Palmer, still can play but has gotten well… old.

Me? I am a really good amateur golfer. I shoot pars fairly consistently, but I need way more practice to go pro. My goal is to be like Tiger but par golf right now is feeling really good.
Know what I mean?

My psychic awareness started on the first night I slept in our new house. I was 5 years old when my parents bought our home and I was going to sleep in my new room for the first time. Just before I fell off to sleep, I became aware of an old man standing at the foot of my bed. As any child would do, I screamed at the top of my lungs and I do believe my neighbors a block away were woken out of a good sleep. My parents were in like a flash and for weeks told me no one was in my room, yet every night just before I fell asleep, I would become aware of someone in my room, only to open my eyes and once again see this old man.
Eventually, after many nights sleeping with my head under my pillow, I stopped seeing this old man. That is not to say he was not there, I just stopped seeing him.

For all you parents out there. If you child says he or she is seeing “someone” or “something”, don’t automatically assume “imagination”. There are many more psychic children in the world lately. Ask them questions about what they perceived. Ask open ended questions, i.e. “What was this man wearing?” show support, concern and acceptance instead of annoyance, fear or apathy. Just because you don't see the spirit your child is seeing, doesn’t mean your child is imagining it, more than likely he/she is truly psychic, as we ALL are.

I plan on more entries on “Metaphysicality” the next posting will be titled “Metaphysicality Part 2, We Are All Psychic", look for it before Christmas.