Friday, May 9, 2014

An Educational Testimonial

I work with Carole and have known her for over 20 years. She came to my “Introduction to Hypnosis Workshop” just for the experience and then asked me for a Mediumship reading. She sent the following Email to me. I think it is a great description about a person’s FIRST experience with Hypnosis AND Mediumship. Although it is a long email, if you are curious about the effect of hypnosis or Mediumship, it is worth the time to read it.

 Carol's Testimonial

I attended Garry's Hypnosis Workshop in October of 2013 it was the first time in my life that I went to any type of workshop like that. Now I am a person who would NEVER BELIEVE THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME. I would see it on TV and say it was "FIXED". So I told Garry that a friend of mine and I would attend but I really didn't believe that I could be hypnotized. I didn't know what to expect or what would happen. I said to myself that I'll just go and see what happens.  Garry stood in front of the group of people and talked about hypnosis and other things and told all of us what we needed to do which was basically just to relax, listen to the music and to him talking. I was in a room with total strangers and a friend that I grew up with. He explained what we would feel and to just go with it.  I was thinking "NO WAY IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME... NO WAY!!!!

As he was talking to us, it was so strange that everything he said I would feel, I DID! I couldn't believe I was really hypnotized, I thought, "anybody but me!" At the end of that first hypnosis experience, he said that if we wanted to open our eyes to do so. But I didn't want to, it felt so nice! During the second hypnosis experience, he told us to put our arms straight out, close our eyes and imagine one hand holding heavy books and the other holding a bunch of colorful balloons. What totally blew my mind was that I actually felt and saw them! I was like "OMG this is unreal".

When Garry said we can all open our eyes truthfully I didn't want to, but did.  After the session was over I was like "WAS I REALLY UNDER?", "DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN?"  Well I know it did cause, man! did I feel and see things that I never would have guessed I would.  GUESS WHAT I NOW KNOW? I have no doubt about hypnosis or if I can be hypnotized. IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE. If you have a chance to be hypnotized, jump at it!

Garry is a teacher (in more ways than one way) we both work in the same school and I have known him for over 20 years. The experience at his workshop got us talking a lot about all that hypnosis stuff. And as if that alone wasn't enough to blow my mind, what happened later REALLY blew my mind!!! I read on his website that he is not only a hypnotherapist but a  psychic Medium. Which is so weird, because I just starting to watch "Long Island Medium" with Teresa Caputo! I just got a reading from Garry that really got me in believe in Mediumship. I used to think there's no way possible for something like this to be true or to happen. I again sat patiently wondering how this was going to turn out.

After school, Garry was able to sit with me and he said that he was "aware of" 2 men, he stated one had cancer and some type of issues with his stomach, had chemo, something about having breathing problems and one was in his late 50's and one in his late 70's  when they passed. I thought one was my Uncle and the second was my Cousin, my Uncle was in the 80's and my Cousin was 60 when he died. Although my cousin was not my uncle's son, he was his nephew, but my Uncle raised him as his son. I told Garry that it all made sense to me and who they were. Garry said that my Uncle stated he also had eye issues which was definitely my Uncle 'cause he did have glaucoma. Garry told that he was feeling his right arm was weak and shaky and that my Uncle said he had all his faculties back which was so wonderful to hear because he had a stroke 26 years ago during a surgery which caused damage on his right side and he had a brace on his leg and walked with a cane. As Garry was communicating with them he said these men were on my Mom's side of the family and they were!

Garry said the younger one had chemo to treat a cancer and that again I was able to take as my Cousin who had colon cancer. He was receiving chemo for a long time period! I was amazed that they were there. I never had a reading before and I couldn't believe it. At one point Garry said that the both of them were talking to him at the same time and I was taking one piece for one and a different piece of information for the other.  So, Garry stopped and asked them to separate and talk to him "one at a time"! The amazing thing was that when they were alive, they were always together just like that! Even finishing each other's sentences! So it made perfect sense to me that he had problems separating him, we ALL did, always!

When they separated, my uncle came through stronger, telling Garry of his concerns about his son having health issues.  He told Garry that he was concerned about his Diabetes. I couldn't understand that because as far as I knew my cousin didn't have diabetes although he was always heavy.  He also said to tell my cousin (his son) to "Get off his ass and get movin'". I laughed so hard, and told Garry that was the way he would always get his point across to my cousin, in just that loud way, Garry even had his tone of voice, Amazing! Garry said that my Uncle had 2 children; 1 male and 1 female and 2 grandchildren, also 1 male and 1 female. Amazing! Right again! How does he know this?? Garry couldn't understand the name he was trying to get across; he said it sounded like "Hel" something. Helen was my Uncle's sister name, my Mom, his sister Helen... OMG!!! Then if all that wasn't enough, Garry said that he has a third man coming thru who wanted me to know that he was doing well, was happy and at rest. Garry had communicated with my father before and said it was him and that he; my dad wanted my Uncle and Cousin to come through, because he knew I would love to hear from them... Isn't that crazy?!

Now these 3 men, My Uncle, Cousin and Dad, loved to have a fun time, sing, play cards and play out to make people laugh they were always a hit at any party. Garry also mentioned about their passing being close to each other. He stated 3 years and that's exactly what it was. My Dad was a different time but mainly the two that came through first, passed within a year of each other, 3 years ago!

So after the session was over I was like wow the 2 people I would never have thought would come thru to me, did. My Uncle who was also my Godfather was always there for me no matter what and was like a dad for me after my Dad passed away. I left with such a nice warm feeling to know they were ok and that they were still together.

When I got home and I just couldn't wait to call my Cousin's wife and tell her what I just heard. I knew she would love to talk to me about my experience, as she always wondered if she would get the chance to go to a medium. I asked her if my cousin had diabetes.  At first she asked how I knew about the diabetes, that no one in the family knew that he was recently diagnosed but yes that he's got diabetes and he does have weight issues and that they were looking into joining a gym because they felt that he needed to take care of his health. When I told her that that's what was told to me by my Uncle, her father-in-law, thru Garry she was totally amazed. Then she validated that my Uncle was always on her husband's case that he needed to get up and about. She told me that my Uncle said to his son you need to get "Off your ass" and do something and that is exactly what Garry said to me. I said to her that that's the way he used to talk! My cousin's wife totally agreed "Yep that's exactly what he would say and my husband!" When I told her about how Garry stated that my Uncle was up and about moving around that he has everything back and that he's happy, well she couldn't get over it. She couldn't wait to tell this to her husband and that she will let me know what he says.

The next day, Garry came into my office to see me about something and we of course started to talk about Mediumship. As we were discussing it, he went to give me an example of how it works with a name and he used the name "Gertrude" as an example, just throwing it out there. I looked at him and said, "Garry what made you say that name out of all the names that are out there?!! Garry said that Gertrude just popped in his head. Well, Gertrude was my Uncle's daughter! He was still here! Another OMG!! Because he is a teacher, he loves to explain how "it" works. For whatever reason he was using cars as an example of how he connects with spirits and brought up a 55 Plymouth Belvidere!, as another example. I almost fell out of my chair! I said "Garry, NOW...WHAT MADE YOU SAY A PLYMOUTH BELVIDERE, out of all the cars that have ever been made?" and he said that someone just told him to say it, why? I said cause that's the car my Dad had and it was his treasure! He took such good care of it! He cleaned it to the Max. Then Garry proceeded to tell me what the inside of the car looked like and he was exactly right! He proved to me that my Dad is STILL with me even after all these years.  It just blew me away.  It's just amazing how something like this happens.

I'm so looking forward to another session with Garry. I have my Cousin's wife coming to a workshop , she stated "Garry hit everything you said right on the head; like straight out of my Uncle's mouth to you/us" I couldn't agree anymore.

Garry thanks for what I learned from all this and I'm so looking forward to what can be told to me by them again. Hopefully, the next time the women will come through. Garry, it's amazing how the people in our lives come back in ways we could never think of.