Sunday, June 5, 2011


In this brief posting, I apologize for being away for so long and update you on what has been happening during this past year

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned...
it’s been a year since my last Blog entry…”
and I have no one to blame except me and my laziness…
shame on me.

Although I could blame my laziness on my very busy schedule,
I really need to get back into the habit and discipline of writing every day.

Since I last did an entry, when I was planning on finishing my book and
although I did work on it over the summer,
I am still only 75% done and again,
I plan on finishing it soon or at least before I retire from teaching in 4 years..

Between teaching, hypnotizing, being a Psychic/ Medium and
the responsibilities that come with being a husband, father and grandfather,
the last thing on my prioritized “to do list” is the gym and writing…
OK who am I fooling,
the last thing IS writing.

Whether in my blog or my book, once I am done with all the “Have to do’s”, the “wanna do’s” like writing just don’t seem to get done.
But that will change;
that must change.

So that’s why this entry is titled “ I baaaack”.
Maybe by saying it I will be back…
writing again.

It is a great release.
This past year has been very busy and
quite interesting metaphysically speaking…

- Last summer I spent a weekend at The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies,
working with James Van Praagh.
That was my next to last blog entry.
This summer I will be back at Omega and work with James again for a week!
I am most definitely looking forward to it.

- I have taken classes with 4 different teachers of Metaphysics from
Arthur Findlay College in England.
Bet you never knew that there is an actual college in England
for Psychic/ Mediumship along with many other Metaphysical areas of study.
Actually the college is what the school in the Harry Potter series was based on! If you are interested, check their website at
- I was asked along with about 20 other Psychic Mediums
to join a class taught by Janet Nohavec,
at her church to improve and hone our P/M abilities.
Janet is not only a world renowned Psychic Medium,
she is a true teacher in every sense of the word.
By that I mean, she is surely NOT doing it for the money
(all “true” teachers will attest to that, money is not the motivating factor in teaching, the motivating factor is the advancement and growth of your students.)
Janet teaches her students because she is driven to produce better evidential mediums; people who can prove to the public that we never truly die.
To prove to a cynical public that our consciousness is eternal
and after our bodies die, our consciousness is still “alive”
and aware of our loved ones who are still here.
An evidential Medium’s purpose is to assist the spirit in communicating with their loved ones on Earth and to prove to those loved ones that those who have passed away are truly still here.
Services at the Journey Within Church start at 10am.
Check out the services page on Janet’s website
I am proud and honored to be invited by Janet to “read” at the
“Sunday Night Student Church Service” this Sunday evening June 5th at 6:00pm.
I will let you know what it was like.

- I am doing many more “readings”. With each reading I learn more of how our loved ones in spirit communicate.
- I started a psychic circle that is still going strong

As the title “Spiritual Evolution - A Journey from Atheism to Spirituality” of my book implies, we are all on a journey and I will keep you informed of what I am learning along mine.
Until the next time…
This Journey continues.