Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Book

Wow, it’s been 6 months since I’ve posted anything!
It’s been a rather busy six months and instead of looking backwards,
I prefer to look ahead…

I am hoping that my book will be finished this summer.

As I have said, one of the perks of being a teacher is having the summer off.
During the summer
I can devote my full attention to my 2nd job… hypnosis;
my 3rd job… being a Psychic/Medium;
my 4th job… writing, trying to finish my book and blog entries
and my 5th job… being Grandpa.

My book
“Spiritual Evolution- a Journey from Atheism to Spirituality”
is 3/4 complete.
It has been a work in progress for 5 years now and I wonder when I will feel it is complete.
I also wondered why it has taken so long, until I realized why;
the experiences that I have been going through over the past 5 years is an integral part of the book and needed to be lived out first and written about afterwards.

This “Spiritual Evolution” that I am documenting is the inevitable result of becoming… conscious (for lack of a better word).

My book is about my evolution from being a hard core atheist, believing that there is no god or “higher power” to being a "Spiritualist" (a person who believes in the continuity of consciousness after the death of the physical body and the ability to still communicate with that consciousness)

I saw only hypocrisy in organized religion. I was a Darwinist, believing in natural selection and that we were fortunately born as humans; you could have been born as a cockroach; we were lucky.

My view of after death communication (the ability of a Medium to contact the spirit of a dead loved one) was completely cynical.
Gypsy fortune tellers, taking advantage of the bereaved and when I saw Dionne Warwick on "The Psychic Friends Network", I was thoroughly convinced that this Mediumship stuff was a scam to take money from people who were very vulnerable.

I could not explain my memories of the ghostly image of an old man in my room at night, which stopped being visible to me only after months of having to sleep with my head under my covers…
my ability to know what people were about to say before they spoke…
as I got older and after my father passed how I felt his presence or how he was able to prevent me from getting into car accidents; not once but many times…
how a person I met at a hypnosis workshop who "claimed" to be a Psychic/Medium, was able to connect with my father with amazing accurate validations.

She told me things my father said to me years ago,
that no one knew or could have known.
Things that were trivial in nature but just what I needed to hear
to challenge my disbelief
She continued with more validations and finally the message I needed to hear
from my father
that I had been waiting to hear since he had passed.

At that moment, I was instantly converted from cynic to believer.

I decided to take some classes to understand how this process works
with an internationally renowned author and Psychic Medium named
John Holland.

He opened a door for me which I choose to go through.
The experience of going through that door has not only
motivated me to write my book but has changed my life.

I strongly suggest that you put John Holland's latest book, titled
Spirit Whisperer” on your reading list for the summer.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the book and my evolution…